Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Healthy No Blender Smoothie!

I just love Smoothies!
I have a wonderful VitaMix Blender that is great!

But sometimes....I am too lazy to get the VitaMix out...
I am too lazy to clean it after I blend up a smoothie!

Here is a quick solution!
No Blender needed!

Healthy No Blender Smoothie Ingredients

6 oz. Orange Juice
2 TBSP Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate
1/4 Cup (2 scoops) Protein Powder
1 packet Raspberry Emergen-C

Mix well with a small whisk until blended!

This couldn't be simpler! really is delicious!

The Cherry Juice Concentrate is a great anti-oxident even though it is a little "spendy"!
Since you only use a little goes a long way!
The protein powder is a quick burst of energy and makes the "smoothie" thicker!
The Emergen-C is also great as a cold fighter!
The "high-tech" whisk makes clean up a breeze!

A quick energy drink like this is perfect for those days when you are on the run!
Five minutes and you can be on your way!

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