Saturday, December 3, 2011

Next Decorating Steps....The Stairs that is!

My cold is finally gone!  My energy level is almost back to normal!

Being under the weather has really impacted my decorating schedule....but I FINALLY got the stairways done!
I always love looking at all the ideas for elegant banisters in the magazines...Aren't these lovely?

 Then reality sets in!
  • the decorations have to last through the live greens are not an option!
  • We don't have a way to add lights without extension cords laying across traffic lights for us!
  • We actually hang on to the railings when we go up and down the steps....go the rail needs to be exposed!

I kind of like how they turned out this year....Read on to see!

Remember the Magnolia leaves on the dining room for Thanksgiving?
The ones I was conditioning in glycerine to use for Christmas?

Well....when they dried out...even in the glycerine, they were UGLY!!!

OMG...I spent 12 dollars on something that I was going to have to throw away....

I separated all the UGLY out some bronze craft paint....and made them pretty again!

Our family room and kitchen are tones of gold and I stay with that color wave for the Christmas Decor.  It can be elegant or rustic....depending on my MOOD!

I used the glue gun and glued bunches of the bronzed magnolia leaves to a clipping of artificial greenery...twisted that on to the swag going up the banister.

The swag is tied underneath to leave the banister free for a safe hand rail.....

Since burlap is "all the rage"....I used strips of it to make simple bows!

Now the front hall......
The swags I use are probably 10 years old....but they work.....

 One for each corner....

Pretty Simple....
Pretty Easy.....
Pretty Safe....
Pretty CHEAP!

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