Goodwill Hunting!

Thrift stores like Goodwill and Savers are one of the secrets  of Sweetwater Style!

Going to the thriftstore is NOT like shopping at Target!
You can't go with a list of things that you NEED.
Go with a list of things you LIKE!

I know I like-mid-century ceramic vases and flowerpots....and only in off-white, turquoise and browns.  I don't find one every time I go, but I now have a pretty substantial collection.

I know I like-silverplate trays, bowls and serving collection is growing so now even the cats eat and drink from silver bowls.

I know I like-to put my wine glasses in the dishwasher so we use Goodwill finds for everyday and don't worry about it.  New ones can be found for less that $2 when we need them.

I know I like-great quality clothes from mid to high end brands like Eileen Fisher, Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor and the like.  My closet is filled with these because of my Goodwill expeditions.

Once in a while, I score big this St. John's Blazer with embroidery and leather trim for 14.99! 

Friends often complain that they go to the thrift store and can't find a thing!
Here are some suggestions for success:
  • Keep your "likes" in mind - I always look at the aisles with the metalware for silverplate and the vases aisle for my pottery.  It is a quick scan to see if there is anything that fits my collection.
  • Shop by it black pants you need? Then don't waste time looking at red ones!
  • Know your brands and quality.  Those Ann Taylor and Ralph Lauren t-shirts and camisoles will last years longer than the cheapies from Target or Old Navy! 
  • Think outside the box-I have been buying slightly damaged wedding invitation kits and remaking them into note cards and memos using my computer.  There are always stickers, labels and envelopes with pretty designs.
  • Books-even though I have a Kindle, I buy paperbacks to take on vacation so I can just leave them when I finish.   And there are some amazing Coffee Table and Art Books that are real conversation pieces.  Don't forget kids books...Just found the latest Harry Potter for 2.99.  
  • Cashmere- seems strange that I have this as a suggestion....but if you find cashmere sweaters even them.  Nothing is cozier or more comfortable than lounging in real cashmere....and you can machine was these items and dry them flat!
  • Find a Tailor/Learn to sew- I am pretty handy with a sewing machine so can do minor alterations on things. If I find something of high quality that needs alteration, I use a tailor.  I have a Brooks Brothers Cashmere Blazer that was a little outdated but still had the $350 price tag on it.  I had my tailor take in the shoulders and shorten it....$25 later it was an up to date classic.
Check out this link with some more good advice for successful thrifting
    Check back here once in a while for updates to my musing about thrift shopping.

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