Monday, March 27, 2017

Dollar Store Tips

I have only recently become a Dollar Store shopper.
And....I am not exactly a fanatic about shopping there. 
Face it....some of the stuff in there looks exactly like it cost a dollar!


there are some things to be found that are really pretty good bargains.

Since I am pretty new to the Dollar Store scene, I only have a few tips to share about how I shop there.  But, you know me, I always do my research to see what other people know about a subject and I will share a bunch of links from folks who are far more expert and perhaps a bit more fanatic about Dollar Store shopping.

These are some things I shop for at the Dollar Store:

Poster Board is a staple at Sweetwater.
I use it for backgrounds when I take photos.
I use it to back framed art.

Poster Board at the art supply store is super expensive.

At the Dollar is 2 for $1

That is a super good deal.

There are always some fun flower picks to look through.
I like the baby's breath and especially the faux bear grass sprays.

Marvin the Sweetwater Cat eats any real bear grass in my flower arrangements...(and then of course proceeds to hack it up).

I fool him by using these Dollar Store picks mixed in with the real blooms. 

They can be used over and over! 

I think I must be harder on gardening gloves than anyone I know.  My fingernails go right through the ends after only a few days. 
Garden gloves from the garden store are super expensive.

Imagine how thrilled I was to find these latex grip gloves for $1!

I could by 6 pair for the price of one from the garden store.

I have also found that cool mesh ribbon and burlap ribbon.  These are real steals for $1.

When all but one of the real succulents in my planter bit the dust.....I headed to the Dollar Store for a fix.

Would you believe that the succulents in this garden are FAKE?
Would you believe that they came from the Dollar Store?
I did add a bit of craft paint to soften the obvious fake colors....but hey...I think they could fool a lot of people.

Now as promised, here are some Links to other tips about Dollar Store Shopping.

Bargain Babe has a list of 10 Things You Should Always buy at the Dollar Store.

She also has a list of 67

Can you imagine buying 67 things at the Dollar Store?  I can just hear Mr. S......"you bought what?"

Did you know that the Dollar Tree actually has a BLOG?

And for a really need to go see all of these Dollar Store Hacks that some kids did as an assignment for a class.  They are really a hoot

Well that is all for now....I guess I could head to the Dollar Store....but my first love is still Good I am off to find some thrifty bargains there.....

Have A Beautiful Day!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Your Flower Fix for Today: Ranunculus

In the language of flowers, a bouquet of ranunculus says, "I am dazzled by your charms."
I would turn that around and say that a bouquet of ranunculus dazzle ME with THEIR charms.

Using just one of these pretty blooms was all this small arrangement needed. 

I was happy to find this bunch of artificial ranunculus at the thrift store.  I think they add a nice touch to the "Kate Spade Inspired" guest room.

I decided that since I am so enamored with these blooms that I should find out a little more about them.

HMMMM....maybe they are a flower that I could grow at Sweetwater.

This is what I learned:

If you live in Zone 7, you can grow them as perennials. in Zone 4 they are annuals.
I even found the bulbs on Amazon...and placed an order.
I have been doing a little research about how to grow ranunculus in the garden.....and after reading this article, I think I have found a fun new kind of flower to grow at Sweetwater.
I am starting to think that Ranunculus are a great alternative to roses.  They just have a fresher look.

am really loving how these flowers look as an alternative to roses.

Here they are used as the main flower in boutonnieres.

I looked for some examples of ranunculus used in wedding bouquets.
Oh my....gorgeous....
It makes me think that maybe roses are sort of "passe".....hmmmm!

And now I will leave you with some lovely artwork featuring the lovely Ranuncula....ENJOY!

Have A Wonderful Day!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Instant Spring in Ten Minutes for Ten Dollars!

This is the time to start looking for signs of Spring!

One of the sure signs of Spring is the arrival of the Primose plants at the Home Depot!

 Mr. S and I were there yesterday!

Ah Hah!  There they were.  2/$5

I figured it was worth spending $10 on a little bit of Spring that would last longer than the usual bunch of tulips.

The copper bowl (from Goodwill) was the perfect holder for the four little plants.
It was a simple matter of plopping them in there and adding a bit of Spanish Moss.
Spanish Moss is one of those "little things" that is great to have around to add a nice touch to planters.
Primrose plants need to have the spent flowers picked off to keep them blooming. If I am lucky, I will keep these around until it is warm enough to plant them outdoors....wish me luck!

There you have it.....Ten Minutes.....Ten Dollars.....Instant Spring!
Have you ever wondered about the old saying about being led down the "Primrose Path"?
The primrose path refers to someone living a life of ease and pleasure. Not to be confused with "led up the 'garden path'", which is an idiom suggesting that one is being deceived or led astray.

It would be nice to think that at Sweetwater we live that life of ease....and frolic down the Primrose Path.....but sometimes I think it is more likely that the garden path is our destination!
 Think Happy Spring thoughts is only about 2 weeks away!
Link Parties
Happiness is Homemade
Create With Joy 
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The Fabulous Party

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Children First....Isn't It Enchanting?

It wasn't hard to choose what I am enchanted by this month.
I had the pleasure of attending an "enchanting" event this past week that was the epitome of finding enchantment in a disenchanted world.

Children First is an amazing community initiative.

  • It is a philosophy rather than a program.
  • It focuses on positive character-building traits.
  • It targets all St. Louis Park youth, birth through 18 years old.
  • It calls everyone to support our young people.
  • It is a partnership among the business, city, faith, health and education communities bringing the community together to support youth—intentionally making connections and building assets.
I am proud to be a trained asset champion in the Children First program.  Learning how to foster assets in our young people has been very rewarding.

Now....on to the 25th Anniversary Champions Breakfast celebration that was so enchanting.
Imagine a room filled with a virtual community wide "who's who"....all in attendance to support kids!

Take a moment now to watch this video clip that tells the story of Children First! have to agree that this is truly "enchanting" were the other speeches and stories that were shared.  The result was some pretty amazing contributions to the cause.

Sweetwater Floral was proud to provide the decor for the event.  Check out these photos....

Here is your homework for the day....Check out the 40 Developmental Assets that are proven to help kids....then think of a some ways that you are already providing these....even something to develop more assets.

It truly does "take a village"...or in the case of SLP...a community!
Hats off to all involved.

Have A Wonderful Day!

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