Saturday, March 22, 2014

Waterlogue-A Fun New Photo APP!

I discovered this new APP for my iPad a couple of weeks ago!

If you love playing with photos the way I do....
you are gonna want to splurge and spend the $3!

In a nutshell...the app takes a regular photo and turns it into a watercolor!

Here are my BEFORE and AFTERS using the APP!


 Seriously....this is the easiest app to use!
Not bad for $2.99

I think these would look great enlarged to 11 x 14 and framed.....
They would also make great notecards....
 I can't wait to pick out some more photos to play with!

Anybody have any better ideas for what to do with my new art?

Have a Great Day!
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Signs of Spring-Pussy WIllow and Forsythia!

A week with NO below zero temperatures!  
A week with NO new snow!
When the temps hit 40° all the kids on the playground shed their coats!
It must be SPRING!

I took a couple of minutes to brighten up the mantle this week!
My inspiration was this gorgeous painting I found on a wonderful blog!
Eat Drink Paint by Kim Rempel is pure visual candy!

Since I can't spend the money on the painting (it is sold anyway!)
I decided to create an arrangement that mimics the art piece!

I had a spray of artificial Forsythia and some Pussy Willow branches saved from last spring!

I use to try unsuccessfully to create arrangements by bending the branches of artificial flowers while they were still clumped together on that big plastic stem!
I finally learned to treat the artificial spray like "REAL" flowers and cut them to size!  
That red handled tool in the picture is a real clips through the plastic and wire "like butter"!

I didn't have any of the dry floral foam you are supposed to use for artificial arrangements....but since my motto is "use what ya got"... a block of fresh floral foam (used dry) worked just fine for this project!

Cutting the branches apart allows for an freer and more natural arrangement of the Forsythia!
Then it was just a matter of adding the Pussy Willow!
By the way....did you know that the fuzzy gray thing on the branches are actually called "CATKINS"?

The floral foam was a little Spanish Moss was added to hide it!

Now the mantle looks a bit more seasonable!
Now if only the snow outside would melt.....the real signs of Spring could start to show up!

Have A Great Day!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Getting Chippy!

I hate to throw away a good serving tray....or vase....
but it seems that my favorites always end up with a little chip along the edge!
Don't you just HATE that?

This chip is on the underside of a great Haeger planter that I got at Goodwill for $4!   You can hardly  see it....but still a chip!!

The tiny chip on the corner of this serving tray doesn't impact the serving area.....but still it is a chip!

The chipped corner on this glass tray/vase is on the bottom corner....hardly evident but still a chip!

Here is a clever little trick that I have found to camouflage those incidental knicks!
I will leave it to you to decide if this is "genius" or just "WEIRD"!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hooray For Dr. Seuss!

Think now,  just think of the authors you know!
Those folks who write kid books that we all love so!
Dr. Seuss may just be the best!
He seems to be more well known that almost all the rest!
 Monday is Read Across America Day!
We honor Dr. Seuss every which way!
Maybe you would like to take some small looks!
At what we do in our school to get hooked on those books!

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