Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Ramblings.....

Waiting for Spring
Wow! It is almost the end of February...and I am kind of in that middle of the winter funk!

It seems like we haven't done anything FUN since the holidays....well not much anyway!
School is almost too busy....

One day seems to blend into the next....

It is a whole month until we go to Mexico on vacation....and I haven't gotten serious about getting into shape for swimsuits!

Enough complaining already!  That really isn't Sweetwater Style!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Easy Tutu....Really NO SEW!

 They are putting on a SHOW at PSI!

Our school drama production was this week!
My friend does the most amazing job on this.
Remember! We are a Spanish Immersion School!
That means that the whole play needs to be written and performed in Spanish!
Kim does this every year and it is absolutely wonderful!

This year's production is 4 versions of "Los Tres Cerditos" (or if you don't speak Spanish....The 3 Little Pigs)

WARNING! will have to read some of my "educational philosophy" before you get to the TUTU....but this post is really about TUTUS!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Almost No Sew Shower Curtain!

 I wrote a post this summer about loving Marimekko Style Designs.
There are examples of how Marimekko inspired designs seem to be in lots of places in the house!

Check out this post to see how these fabrics in our house!

A couple of years ago, we painted the upstairs bathroom a very deep chocolate brown.  The shower curtain that I put up right after we painted was made from this fabric. 

(I don't have a picture of what it looked like because seriously....BEFORE I BLOGGED I don't take pictures in my bathroom! Go Figure!) 

 Now this is nice enough fabric....but then on a trip to the fabric store....

I fell in love....(well in like anyway) with this print!

I used one of my trusty "Almost No Sew"  techniques...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vintage Value American Made

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I am pretty darn good at thrift store shopping!
In fact....I thought I was the best of anyone in our family!
Alas...I have lost the title to my son-in-law!

He has taken his thrifting to the highest level!

Greenwich Vintage Co sells All American Made Vintage

Refurbished Men's Clothing

Greenwich Vintage

Honestly...the stuff they have in the shop is so fabulous...You really need to go to the website and is just a sample!

Greenwich Vintage

Greenwich Vintage
I found a Pendleton skirt at GW for $8..took it apart and gave the fabric to Tommy....look at the lining of this Dopp kit....Amazing!
He is a COBBLER too! He customizes these amazing shoes!
Greenwich Vintage

Greenwich Vintage

Greenwich Vintage

Everything is completely American made-lots of Pendleton and Woolrich....all high quality and refurbished for you!
There is a lot of buzz out there about their unique shop....articles in several magazines and the Minneapolis paper's Lifestyle section featured them this week! WOW!
This article in the Gentleman's Gazette really gives a great overview of what is going on at Greenwich Vintage and is worth a read if you are interested in learning more!

 If you don't live in the Minneapolis Area...don't despair....they have an Etsy Shop that you can connect to from the website! 

If you do live in the might want to check out SNOWGRADE a Pop-Up Men's Market next weekend at Architectural Antiques....lots of great atmosphere and lots of STUFF!

 Now I might not win the title of "Best Thrifter" in my family any more...
but in keeping with the whole vintage look....

Here is an outfit I put together from GW!
Plaid Skirt....GW
Red Cotton Sweater....GW
Black Cashmere Sweater....GW
Black Patent Pumps....T.J. Maxx
Total Cost....$30
Very "Catholic School Girl" don't ya think!

Funny story about the skirt....whenever I wear it to school....all the little girls tell me how much they love my you think that means it is "too young" for the "old lady librarian"?

Hope you get a chance to thrift shop a bit this weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Didn't Get Roses.....See!

Were you wondering if Mr. S read my "No ROSES"post?
Were you wondering if he said "the heck with her....if she is getting demanding about the kind of flowers she wants.....maybe I just won't bother!"?

Well....on Monday when I got home from work there were THREE bunches of grocery store flowers on the counter....just waiting to be arranged....
Mr. S said the woman at the store kept trying to convince him to buy something fancier...or at least wrap them up....but he stayed strong and true to his mission!!!
 I had fun making the arrangements....I think they are is Mr. S. for listening....Thanks!

One for the Kitchen Island....because we see this the most!

One for the family room..... for my office at school!

We saw a fabulous play last night at the Guthrie!

"The End of the Rainbow"

It was more than poignant to see the parallels between Judy Garland and Whitney Houston!
Maybe it is better NOT to be famous!
Lucky for me that is a goal I can achieve!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

No Roses For Mary!

This post is really a sneaky way to send a message to Mr. S!
I hope it is not too late!
It is only 2 days until Valentine's Day!
About Valentine Flowers....hint hint!
....Don't send me roses!
....I mean it....
They cost too much....especially at Valentine's Day
They don't last very long!

Seriously....have YOU SEEN the price of roses?
One of my favorite florists is Arts and Flowers in St. Louis Park, (MN)....they do the most amazing and unique arrangements....truly eye candy!  
But....they are charging $85 for an arrangement of a dozen roses! Yikes!

Mr. S...if you are reading this!

You know I REALLY like flowers!
No....I LOVE flowers!
I don't EXPECT flowers....hmmmm?
but....if you DO want to DO flowers.....
Here are some alternatives to ROSES!

The Grocery Store has wonderful flowers!  And the prices are more than reasonable! could probably buy 3 or 4 different bunches for less than half of what having a dozen roses delivered would cost!

 What about some Gerbera Daisies?

 Or some Astromeria....they last forever!

 Some Spider Mums might be nice!
 And you might want to get some greenery so the arrangements will look as fancy as the ones from the Florist Shop!

 Then....I could have the joy of making the arrangements!
I love to arrange flowers.....and my own vases are way prettier than the ones the florist sends!
I could have flowers all over the house just like in the summer time....
I could take some to school for my desk!
What do you think?

Mr. S. and I are going to be spending Valentine's Day at home....probably just a normal dinner!

Then we have a "Date Night" at the Guthrie Theater on Wednesday night...2 plays this month...we saw "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" 2 weeks ago and will see "Over the Rainbow" on the 15th!
Maybe we can have an extra glass of wine with the money Mr. S. saves on flowers!

 And my friends.....maybe you want to leave this post displayed prominently on your computer and hope your Valentine reads it!
If probably have to go to the grocery store sometime in the next 2 days....
You could buy some flowers for YOURSELF!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Use What I've Got #8-Winter Skin

The weather on Sweetwater has taken a turn to COLD-BELOW ZERO COLD!
That also means DRY!

 Which means my skin feels like this........
  • cracked
  • dry
  • itchy
  • pasty white
If it is true that "beauty is only skin deep"
then I am in real trouble!

Oh, I have read all the magazine articles that tell me that I should be glad to have dry skin so I won't get blemishes and my makeup will stay put....
Dry skin means you get wrinkles and your makeup settles into the cracks....tee hee!

If you  have dry skin, you are probably like me and are drawn to the lotion aisle in any store you go into.
This brings me to "Use What I've Got #8!
I spent 20 minutes digging through the cupboards and drawers in the bathrooms.
This is what I found!
Maybe if I actually used all these lotions and creams that I have purchased or received as skin wouldn't be so dry!
I found some stuff that I love that had somehow gotten hidden away and forgotten!
There is some really good stuff here....

Years ago...when my daughter's "pay for college" job was in a fancy spa, she introduced me to "Repachage" creme.  It is amazing stuff with sea kelp....we bought a giant bottle...spent an obscene amount of money on it....but it works!  


Pretty much anything with sea kelp works on my skin...I always watch for soap based with sea kelp at Home Goods and lo and behold....when I searched the cupboards....there were three bars waiting to be used.

I got this amazing creme as a gift....Lollia Creme infused with grapefruit and bee balm honey....
It smells almost good enough to eat!

It is a real treat!

This Miracle Foot Repair stuff is something I get at is only $5!

If it works on my feet...and it will work for anyone!

When I remember to use hard little hooves actually feel a bit like twinkle toes...ha!

This jar of coconut oil was in the kitchen cupboard....but I have a jar of it next to the bathtub and one next to the kitchen sink....

It is one of the main ingredients in my homemade bath soak!

Once the winter starts....I  have pasty white skin....not luminescent pearly skin....but pale washed out skin....glow in the dark white skin!

This stuff....Xen-Tan is the nicest self tanner.
It doesn't have that yucky smell and the color has olive undertones.  
Maybe I am fooling myself...but I think it looks pretty darn natural.
And face it...30 bucks is way cheaper than a trip to Hawaii!

There you have it....the stuff I have that I need to use so I can stop complaining about my dry skin!

What are your favorite go to products for combating dry skin?
I need to know...because when these are used up...I need to buy more stuff!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Request to my Followers

I am still pretty new to this blogging deal....

I am thrilled with the number of people who follow me (surprised....but thrilled).

And of course I appreciate every one of you!

Now, I have learned that the Google Friend Connect system is on it's way out....hmmmm!

So I have learned about and registered for something called "Linky Followers"

If you currently follow me....please, please, please...take a moment to click on the Linky Follower "follow me" link and follow the instructions. It is in the right side bar under my profile and pinterest link.

As far as I can will need to create a FREE account in order to do this....and the site steps you through this.
I HATE that there always seems to be a "catch" with this stuff....but I would really love if you would take the extra minute.

The Linky Followers appears to best serve people who already have a blog, although you can sign up even if you don't currently have one.  (The "press" says that it will make it easier for you guys to organize the blogs you follow....again....hmmmmm)

If you already have joined the Linky Followers I hope you will follow me....shoot me an email and I will return the favor!

If you don't choose to follow me this way....I will certainly understand
BUT.....perhaps another good option would be to follow by email!  That link is also on the right sidebar!

Wow....if I ask YOU to do this....I better get busy and write some good posts to make it worth your while...."Oh the pressure!"

Let me know in a comment if you have any questions....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just a Nod to Valentine's Day

There sure is a lot of Valentine Decor in blogland....

I look at the cute ideas.....
I like the cute ideas.....
Sometimes I pin the cute ideas for a pinterest board....

But I know I am probably not going to make any of the cute ideas....
Now that our nest is empty, we pretty much don't do  Valentines Day on Sweetwater! the spirit of "Use what I've Got 2012"...
AND....since the mantle and the kitchen baker's rack needed a little face lift....

I decided to challenge myself to pay small homage to "Cupid" with these two areas.
AND.....not buy anything new!

Mantle Before.....
 Mantle after....
 I am not thrilled with it....but it will work for the next 2 weeks or so.

Here is the Baker's rack!
Bottom line.....I walked around the house looking for "stuff" that sort of had a Valentine's look......plopped it all together and called it "Decor"!

Next week at school, we will be overwhelmed with Valentine's Day activities....

a couple of favorite read a loud books

My Map Book by Sara Fanelli

This is a great book about the concept of mapping....but there is one page in the book showing "The Map of MY Heart!"

Now wouldn't that make a great kid valentine?

The Bookshop Dog by Cynthia Rylant
 When Sweet Martha's owner needs someone to watch her pet while she is in the hospital, the seeds of "love" are sown!  Kid's love to groan at the "kissing" but it is all in great fun!

Library Lil by Suzanne Williams

A strong female protagonist....a library.....some motorcycle gang members....turned into another "Love Story".

A fun read!

Have a wonderful Superbowl Sunday!

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