Friday, December 30, 2016

Holiday Decor Transition

This holiday season seems to have flown past....
and yet it also seems like the Christmas decor has been around forever!
Was it because Thanksgiving was early this year?
Was it because we decorated the Festival Tree a whole week before Thanksgiving?

This year, I noticed that my Christmas Decor Style had changed.
I wouldn't call it minimalist....but I definitely limited the things that I used this year.

It also felt like I was sort of "organic" in the way I approached the actual decorating process.

Instead of going all out and doing every bit of decorating in one day, I spread it out over a couple of weeks.

I added a touch of Christmas to different areas each day.
I only put out the things we actually LOVE!

Would you believe that there were actually boxes of decor that never made it out of the closet!

Now it is time to UNDECORATE! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gift Wrapping for a Neat and Tidy Christmas Morning!!

Every year....I promise myself to get all of the holiday shopping done early!
Every year....I totally fail at actually doing it!
I know I am not alone....
otherwise why would a google search for last minute gifts get 18,000,000 hits?

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Boughs, Bows and Beverage Party

Oh my, it has been even busier than usual here at Sweetwater.
Sweetwater Floral Design had the honor of creating all the floral decor for a wedding last Saturday!
Doing the flowers for a wedding is lots of fun, but oh so stressful!  
We were thrilled that the bride was happy with the results of our efforts. 
We were also thrilled that the temp last Saturday was above freezing and not the 11 degrees it was just a week later.

The events here on Friday night and Saturday morning were a lot less stressful and every bit as creative and beautiful as the wedding flower project.

Sweetwater Floral hosted what we call "Boughs-Bows-and Beverage" events.
This is a great way to gather some friends for a few hours of fun.
The best part is that everyone goes home with something beautiful.
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