Friday, June 22, 2018

A Garden for the Windowsill

I bet like me, you spend a lot of time at your kitchen sink.
If you are lucky, you have a window over that sink to look out of.
If you are really lucky, that window has a sill.
I guess that I am really lucky!!!!

A kitchen windowsill just cries out for plants and/or flowers.
It is sort of an indoor "windowbox".

These three copper planters on a tray are a long ago thrift store find.  I love how it fits perfectly on the window sill.  
I know you are supposed to actually put dirt in the planters and grow something.
I decided to avoid the dirt and have a way to create ever changing displays of pretty blooms.

It is simple to just use a plastic tumbler filled with water as an insert.Then....any greenery or flower snippets can be tucked in to create the illusion of a planter.

Regular readers know how I preach about dead-heading flowers in the garden to keep your plants thriving.  I like to "proactively" deadhead. The little flower garden here is filled with some almost spent Dahlias and some geranium heads.  The greenery is Pachysandra.  That seems to last forever and sometimes even sends out roots.

 Keep your eye out for this type of 3 pot planter tray.  I see them often at the thrift store.
If you can't wait......

 You can get them at Amazon....
What a chuckle to see that my thrift store find is worth thirty dollars! is some "kitchen window humor" to brighten your day!

Honey in the Window Painting by Ginger Jamerson

 Have A Wonderful Day!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Illusion vs. Reality in the Sweetwater Garden!

The lyrics from the classic Joni Mitchell song "Both Sides Now" began running through my mind as I started to tell you about the garden.
I've looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down and still somehow
It's cloud's illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds at all
Now swap out the word garden for clouds and you have the tale of the Sweetwater garden.
Ahh....the illusion of perfection!
From afar the peony garden is perfection!
It is so lovely and colorful.

Alas....the reality is the many many weeds at the base of these lovelies!
We have such a crop of weeds (Snow on the Mountain) that we actually put landscape cloth down to kill it!  The problem is that we can't spray too close to the peony plants and there was no way to get to all of the weeds....I am simply not that patient.



Perfect Hosta

Regular visits from these creatures;
results in chewed off blossoms....
No matter how much repellent we spray....they still come!
Sometimes a deer will actually chomp off a blossom, realize it has repellent on it, and SPIT IT OUT!

A gardener needs to balance illusion/perfection with reality/imperfection.
I realize that when I pass by other people's gardens......the illusion I see is the beauty of the flowers.
I guess until I can afford to hire a gardener.... I need to look at my own garden the same way!

Have A Wonderful Day!
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