Thursday, February 26, 2015

Drool Bibs For the Sweetwater Grandbaby!

"I can't think why mothers love them. All babies do is leak at both ends."   Douglas Feaver   
 Isn't that the truth?
I have been sewing up some pretty cute drool bibs for the Sweetwater Grandbaby!

There are tons of tutorials and patterns out there! 
The Bandana Bib seems to be popular.....but personally....I think all that fabric up by the baby face is cumbersome!  If you like that is a link to a pattern and tutorial!

Since there are many tutorials out there...I won't bother to write check out the links I have found!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Fabulous Student Drama Production!

"Let's Put on a Show!"
That is exactly what happens at Park Spanish Immersion School every year!

Under the direction of an amazing educator (and one of my favorite friends)....over 50 kids work together to stage a musical production!

This is no small feat!  The script and music needs to be written IN SPANISH!  Funny...there aren't too many ready made Spanish scripts out they have to be translated!  

Kim works hard to create a production that includes as many children as possible!
The many volunteers who work on scenery, props and costumes are pretty amazing!
Since there isn't a lot of money in the budget....everyone needs to be "pretty creative" to find inexpensive ways to make this happen!

I had the pleasure of helping with costumes this year! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to Make A Custom Ironing Board Cover!

Ironing and ironing boards are not exactly exciting topics!

Actually.....I don't do a lot of actual clothes ironing....but if you have to iron!
My Grandma told me (correctly) that the iron was the MOST important sewing notion!

I will say that crafting and sewing take a real toll on an ironing board cover!

Yikes....this is seriously ugly!  I am not sure what the red stuff is....and the scorch marks were getting pretty bad.

It was actually getting so bad that I was laying down a protective tea towel when I ironed anything "nice"!

It was obviously time for a new ironing board cover! Because our ironing board is one of those "in the wall" built ins, it is kind of hard to find a cover that fits exactly. The ones for this model cost about $20 and come in GRAY or GRAY!  You know....that shiny gray metal color that is soooo attractive!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Healthy No Blender Smoothie!

I just love Smoothies!
I have a wonderful VitaMix Blender that is great!

But sometimes....I am too lazy to get the VitaMix out...
I am too lazy to clean it after I blend up a smoothie!

Here is a quick solution!
No Blender needed!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Customized Fabric Covered Wastebasket Tutorial

I was thinking that  I haven't been very crafty around Sweetwater lately! crafty skills have been busy helping design and create costumes for a Drama Performance at my old school. The costumes are amazing and fun head pieces instead of full body costumes.  The fun part is that the kids are heavily involved in making the costumes I am more the "director" watching over flying fur and feathers and glue guns! I will write about that another time when I have pictures!

On to the transformation of this rather mundane plastic wastebasket into a customized fabric covered gem!!

There is really nothing wrong with it!
Except it is the wrong color for the decor in my Yoga room!

There was no way I was going to spend any money on a wastebasket.....

Time to get my craft on!

Time to use what I had!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Longing to Grow Something!

The Sweetwater Grandbaby, Daughter and I spent last week in Florida visiting my Mom and Brother!
The Florida natives kept talking about how "COLD" it was.....but for the Minnesotans....65 degrees and sunny didn't seem "COLD" at all!

In the airport....a lovely lady informed us that we needed to bundle the baby up to keep him warm!  LOL...we wondered what the heck she was talking about!

My brother is a "Permaculturist"...meaning he plants the most amazing sustainable of which is the entire front yard of Mom's Florida cottage!
Imagine looking out over a front yard filled with every kind of lettuce and other vegetable you could imagine!  Simply Gorgeous!

Here is the Sweetwater Grandbaby pretending to be a "Cabbage Patch Kid"!
He simply relished the soft air and sunshine in has been freezing for almost every day since he was born two months ago!

Alas....after a few short days....we were back in the frozen north where green grass and gardens full of vegetables are just a memory!

What to do?

I planted some Wheat Grass for a try to find a touch of spring!
I have posted about growing wheat grass  before....but here is a refresher!

The process is simple!

Here is the RECIPE:
Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries 

 These are just wheat seeds that you can buy in the health food section of most grocery stores....

I have been getting mine in bulk from Amazon....
Typically they cost less than a dollar a pound.

Potting Soil
I use Miracle Grow Moisture control....but any dirt will do!
Plastic wrap   Water  Sunshine

 Directions with a Sweetwater Disclaimer:
You could search the internet and get fancy complicated directions about how to grow wheat grass....
You could get all OCD about sorting, sprouting, draining and carefully laying those seeds in the dirt....
BUT....Since you read this blog....
YOU can do it Sweetwater Style....and it will work!
Back to the SIMPLE HOW TO:
  1. Soak a bunch of seeds in water for a couple of hours. (DON'T soak them too long or they could get moldy)
  2. Find a fun waterproof container.....almost anything will work...I sometimes use plastic food container tops.
  3. Put about 2 inches of soil in the container and water that down a little
  4. Spread the pre-soaked seeds evenly over the soil.....almost like frosting the dirt...yes that thick!
  5. Water this well....not sloppy wet...but wetter than you would normally water a plant
  6. Cover the container with plastic wrap to make a little "greenhouse" for your seeds!
  7. Place the container in a sunny window.
  8. Wait a couple of days....Check....add water if it looks like it needs it....wait a couple of days more.... 
 You (and your cat) will have GRASS!

Not only does the Wheat Grass make a nice decor statement.....You can use it to make juice!

So while I may not be in sunny Florida this week....I can get a start on the growing season this way!

Have a great day!

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