Saturday, April 30, 2016

How To: Mantle Decor

 Did you know that there are RULES for decorating a mantle?
Yeah....who knew?
I have been decorating my mantle for years....and never knew that there are rules I should be following!!!!

I know this because?
I ran across this blog post from THRIFTY CHICK DECOR

so I went back in the blogging time machine to see how my past mantles have followed the rules I didn't know I was supposed to follow!

It was enlightening!

I especially noticed how less than marvelous the photos are!

I really am trying to improve my photography!!!

But back to the subject at hand!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Ultimate Teacher Appreciation! know I can't just sit around blogging all day!
So...I do some other stuff too!
I have the privilege of serving on the St. Louis Park Public School Foundation Board.
The foundation is dedicated to enhancing learning for the students in St. Louis Park.

There are a variety of fundraising efforts that make granting money to teachers possible.
One of the programs we sponsor is "Gratitude Greetings".  Parents/students can donate to the foundation and send a personalized message of thanks to the staff who make such a difference in our schools.  I know personally how touching it is to receive a heartfelt message from a student or parent.  It really does have a greater impact than another personalized coffee mug!

But talk about teacher appreciation!
The man in the photo below is Thomas Friedman.
He is a three-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Almost No Sew Removable Ottoman Cover

It's time for Part Two of the Kate Spade inspired mini-redo of the guest bedroom.
Yesterday was all about pink polka dots! is all about green and white stripes!

 You have to admit that these two prints are iconically Kate Spade!

This is the green and white fabric that I found for accents in the room.
I did want a little brighter green more like the color on the Kate Spade bag....

BUT....when you find something this close to the inspiration and it only costs $.90 a yard...
YES...$.90 a yard...
There was really no question about the purchase!

I liked the idea of an upholstered ottoman to sit in front of the love seat!
This little bench turned ottoman is the perfect size!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Kate Spade Guest Bedroom Refresh

My latest project is one of those domino effect deals!
You the "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie" scenario! 
The Sweetwater version goes like this....

I bought this great looking pink polka dot fabric to make some fun place mats to go with the Desert Rose dishes we inherited from Mr. S's mom.

But then....I found this fabric in the stash....and these place mats at the thrift store for $.99!
So now I have eight plain pink mats and there will be eight more reversible ones as soon as I finish making them.

No need to make the polka dot placemats....

What to do??
Pinterest exploration of course!

My pink polka dots are so VERY Kate Spade!

The fabric was the perfect inspiration for a mini-makeover in the guest bedroom.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Indoor Planting

I have a LOVE HATE relationship with April!
It is a hard month for gardeners in Minnesota!
Some days the temperatures soar.....I tiptoe around the yard doing a happy dance!
The next day....snow showers cover the tulips and pachysandra....brrrrr!

My green thumb is understandably itchy!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

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