Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vintage Value American Made

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I am pretty darn good at thrift store shopping!
In fact....I thought I was the best of anyone in our family!
Alas...I have lost the title to my son-in-law!

He has taken his thrifting to the highest level!

Greenwich Vintage Co sells All American Made Vintage

Refurbished Men's Clothing

Greenwich Vintage

Honestly...the stuff they have in the shop is so fabulous...You really need to go to the website and is just a sample!

Greenwich Vintage

Greenwich Vintage
I found a Pendleton skirt at GW for $8..took it apart and gave the fabric to Tommy....look at the lining of this Dopp kit....Amazing!
He is a COBBLER too! He customizes these amazing shoes!
Greenwich Vintage

Greenwich Vintage

Greenwich Vintage

Everything is completely American made-lots of Pendleton and Woolrich....all high quality and refurbished for you!
There is a lot of buzz out there about their unique shop....articles in several magazines and the Minneapolis paper's Lifestyle section featured them this week! WOW!
This article in the Gentleman's Gazette really gives a great overview of what is going on at Greenwich Vintage and is worth a read if you are interested in learning more!

 If you don't live in the Minneapolis Area...don't despair....they have an Etsy Shop that you can connect to from the website! 

If you do live in the might want to check out SNOWGRADE a Pop-Up Men's Market next weekend at Architectural Antiques....lots of great atmosphere and lots of STUFF!

 Now I might not win the title of "Best Thrifter" in my family any more...
but in keeping with the whole vintage look....

Here is an outfit I put together from GW!
Plaid Skirt....GW
Red Cotton Sweater....GW
Black Cashmere Sweater....GW
Black Patent Pumps....T.J. Maxx
Total Cost....$30
Very "Catholic School Girl" don't ya think!

Funny story about the skirt....whenever I wear it to school....all the little girls tell me how much they love my you think that means it is "too young" for the "old lady librarian"?

Hope you get a chance to thrift shop a bit this weekend!
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