Saturday, October 27, 2012

Transforming a Goodwill Wreath!

I haven't done a post about shopping at Bonne Volanté (AKA Goodwill) for a while...I guess it is time!

I made a quick trip to my favorite GW last week (hey...I only stayed for 45 that counts as quick....for me)

I needed a couple of for the thrifty Halloween Graveyard art project....
Score!!!  $2   

I also bought this "semi-tacky" wreath for $3.99!

You are probably thinking...."Why would anyone buy that!!!???"

I had a plan....just you wait!
First I want to tell you about one of my favorite go to tools....
It looks like this.....
I have had mine for years and always just called it that red handled cutter!

When I started to write this post, I figured I better know what the real name of the tool was!
Who better to ask than Mr. S....and of course he knew!
Electrician's call this a "DIKE" or short for "diagonal wire cutter"....who knew?
Mine is a Klein there!
It is about 20 bucks at it worth it?
You bet!

This cutter makes short work of cutting the plastic covered wires on artificial flowers and leaves!  Before I started using this.....or when I am too lazy to walk downstairs and get it out of the drawer....I used to try cutting stems with kitchen shears....yikes...what a lot of hard work...this little cutter is a simple snip and you are done!!!

On to the transformation of the "tacky wreath"...

I wanted to use this basket because the copper color would look nice with the metallic pumpkins.... but I needed to make a liner to hide the dry floral foam base....

Good old burlap to the rescue!  It has a nice autumnal feel and with a little unraveling on the was the perfect solution!

I took the wreath apart and cut the stems with my cutter....and here is the result!

Not bad for $4!
I used up some burlap and a basket from the "stash"!!!

Wishing you good luck on YOUR thrifting adventures!

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