Monday, December 31, 2012

Cute and SImple Match Holder!

I came across this quote that is perfect for New Year's Eve Day!!!!
 It is sort of an all encompassing resolution!!

Strike the Match.... Take Action.... Be Extraordinary!

Alas....the rest of the post isn't nearly as inspirational....but's something!
 I saw this cute glass match holder in one of those magazine articles with clever gifts under $25

You can order one here 
Stripe Design Group for a mere $22!

Granted....the bottles are recycle apothecary jars...but hey....I figured I could do this cheaper!!
I bought a dozen 8 oz canning jars at the grocery store one day....
I had sand paper....
I had matches....well at least I thought I had matches....

and then I mentioned the project to Mr. S.....and he reminded me that I would need "strike anywhere" matches....who knew!?
The matches we have are Strike on the Box matches!

So the project was on hold until I could find "strike anywhere" matches....not so easy it seems.   Finally, I ordered 3 boxes for $5 from Amazon....with $4 shipping...don't you hate that!

In the meantime.....we were getting a little worried about an odd noise we kept hearing from the rear of our car....sort of an electronic pinging sound.....we couldn't figure it didn't happen all the time....just once in a while!!! are probably wondering what this has to do with my match holder project?
I know I sometimes ramble on and on and on.....but this really is related to the project!!!

We finally figured out what the funny noise was.....I had left the canning jars on the floor of the back seat.....when the temperature in the car changed.....the pressure cap on the canning jars kept popping!!!!

Now back to the project!!!!


 The parts were all assembled....




Gorilla Glue

Circles of  sandpaper were easily attached them with some mounting adhesive.  
Using the "wrong" side of the lid made a nicer surface when it was glued to the screw top!

The Gorilla Glue didn't bond out came the trusty glue gun! worked perfectly....

The little gift tags are tied on with a bit of raffia.....and there you have it!!!!

10 bucks for 12 jars.....
9 bucks for matches....counting the shipping and handling....
Sandpaper....we had....but I suppose I used about a dollars worth....

So each one of the set me back about $2.....not bad....
Figuring out what was making the funny noise in the car before we made an appointment at the repair shop.....saved us a boatload of money I am sure!!!

Now, when I go to the thrift store....I am going to keep an eye out for recycled apothecary jars....or something similar.......and I can replicate the match holder even more closely!!!


Have a Wonderful New Year's Eve.....

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