Friday, February 15, 2013

Simple Centerpieces on the Cheap!

We needed 8 centerpieces for the tables at the staff party last weekend!
My budget for decor......basically $0....we wanted to spend our money on food!

What to do?

These little cuties were the perfect answer.

It just took a little planning ahead....

The wheat grass got planted in 8 pots of a similar color....I used greens and golds!
(Good thing I buy lots of pots at GoodWill)
The grass needs about a week in a sunny window to grow to the height of 4 inches.

I really splurged and bought a bunch of daisies at the grocery store for $7.99.
Normally....I think those bright-artificially dyed flowers are really ugly....
but for our "Taco Fiesta" theme the colors seemed just right.

The next step was tucking a 2 inch cube of floral foam in the center of the pots....
Then....the flowers....
Then a little curling ribbon....

Here they are....waiting to go the party!!!

Wheatgrass Centerpieces

 It is funny....I never have any pictures of the actual parties I go to.....maybe that is because I would rather BE at the party than take pictures....but then I am sad that I don't have pictures.

I will try to get some from the people I saw running around with cameras....

Anyway....the food was great....
because we could use the budgeted dollars for that instead of decorations...! looked pretty good don't ya think?

Fresh flowers

 Have a Great Day!

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