Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Save Money on Thread!

Isn't this card the truth?
And FUNNY too! know me....

I was on one o my regular fabric store jaunts a couple of weeks ago and came out with a tip that is almost BETTER than new fabric!!!

The clerk in the store was helping a newbie sewer choose thread for her project....I couldn't help but join in the was all about how expensive single spools of thread are....

A spool like this runs around $3.00 and has 250 yards of thread on it.  Not too bad.....


This spool of serger thread costs about $5.00 and has 3000 yards of thread on it!


The problem is that most regular sewing machines do not have a way to hold the serger spool on the regular thread spooler....

I already have a lot of serger thread left over from the days long ago when I sewed lots of knits for the kids....

Do you remember Zubas....Remember Units/Multiples...? I made the poor Sweetwater Children wear my homemade versions of these fashions(?) so I bought lots and lots of serger thread!

I have been using my serger thread by filling a bobbin and putting that on the thread spooler.
This works okay, but it is an extra step to fill the bobbin and it has to be refilled pretty often!

The TIP I learned from the clerk that day was this:

Just put the serger thread in a cup behind the machine and thread the machine in the ordinary way!  The cup keeps the serger spool upright so that it can unwind without catching.....


Now if someone could just figure out a simple way to thread the SERGER with the SERGER thread.....HMMMMM!

This diagram gives me a headache....every time I think about it!

So if you are like will do almost anything to avoid rethreading that sucker!!!

I have been using this new tip for a couple of weeks now...I even made myself a new dress.....a post for a different day!!!!

Before I go....I thought you might like this little clipping of some advice that was published in the Singer Sewing Machine Manual in 1949:


Oh My!!  I am afraid that I DO NOT follow almost any of this fact, had I read something like this when I started to learn to sew....I would have immediately returned that machine and never started!

Have a great day!

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