Monday, August 26, 2013

The Epic Saga Of the Dining Room Chairs! Part !

You know what an Epic Saga is don't you?  A long long story about something that lasts a long time!  You know like the Odessey or the Illiad!

Maybe some of you remember my long ago (February Post About the evolution of our dining room)!
Maybe you remember this lovely fabric....

Maybe you remember that I was going to update that post when I finished all 8 chairs!

Well....way back in February....I did 3 of the chairs....

They looked okay.....
But doing each chair was a BIG project....
It wasn't fun.....
It was WORK!

And pretty as the fabric was....I wasn't in love with the way it looked....

I think I was sort of DONE with the geometric print.

So.....for FIVE long months.....the dining room had mismatched unfinished chairs....OH MY!

I just couldn't get my head around what to do...but I did know I didn't want to put the effort into finishing 8 chairs with fabric that I didn't like!

When I turned the calendar page to August...I knew I had to get this resolved or there would be mismatched chairs for another FIVE months!

I took a trip to the fabric store with a friend who helped me process what look I really wanted instead of brown geometrics....we looked at every bolt in the place!!!!  She was very patient with me!!!!

I decided on this crisp brown and white floral print....
Bought 12 yards of it....and was ready to roll!!!

The Sweetwater daughter stopped by that evening.....I showed her the new fabric!
Sweetwater Daughter:  "Mom, I don't really like it in there!"
Me: "Well....I can't return it....and I spent a hundred bucks!  Do you really hate it?"
Sweetwater Daughter: "Noooooo....I just think it doesn't work with what is going on in the living room with all the patterns"
Me: "Could we get rid of some of the patterns?"
Sweetwater Daughter: "Let's just do it and see!"

Mr. S was out mowing the lawn....and in the time that took....the Sweetwater Daughter and I had rolled up the patterned rug....switched out some of the patterned pillows.....figured out a way to lighten up the coffee table ottoman and seriously streamlined the patterns in the room!  We also moved the printed fabric art and replaced it with a more contempory print!

The room looks crisp and streamlined now!
I will show  how I covered the ottoman bench with a canvas slipcover in Part II of the Saga!

Sweetwater Daughter: "Now your fabric looks good....with the white woodwork, the pottery and the silver."
Me: "Whew!!!  I didn't want to think about a hundred bucks worth of fabric sitting in the "fabric stash"!
Mr. S:  "I'm done with the lawn, what have you guys been up to?"
Sweetwater Daughter and Me: "Nothing much!"

I was on a roll!  Stayed tuned for the rest of the story and the tutorial for how I made the slipcovers!
Here is a sneak peek!

Oh...and BTW....I actually have ALL 8 chairs almost completely done!
That's how I know the fabric was the right choice...
When I saw the first finished motivated me to get them all done in short order! a tale for another post!
Stay Tuned!

Have a Great Day!  I am off to my first day of Back to School Workshop!
Good Bye Lazy Days of Summer!

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