Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Snippets From Sweetwater

Happy February! 

I would have to say that I am awfully glad that January is behind us!  If it wasn't was blowing and below zero!  A total of 5 days of school cancelled because of extreme cold has to be a record!

snippet (n)

1. A bit, scrap, or morsel: "sparkling black bass ... strewn with snippets of coriander and basil" (Gael Greene).
2. Informal A small or mischievous person.
I had no idea that a snippet was a small or mischievous person.....but since I am are a few snippets from around Sweetwater this week!

A good friend from school retired this week.  JoAnn and I worked together for more years than I want to admit to. We celebrated with great stories!  This is the little gift I gave her....

The fun story about the little frame is that the tiles that are glued on to the simple frame are some that I rescued from the school that we worked at together for all those years.....I scored a bucket of these little tiles from the trash when the school was being remodeled....and now JoAnn has a little piece of her history to put on a shelf!

Our new car arrived.....luckily we were scheduled to pick it up on Monday...when we didn't have school because of the cold!  Why you ask?  Well, it took over 2 hours for them to teach me how to push all the buttons so I can drive it!  Go Figure!!!  Then it sat in the garage on Tuesday because of another cold day off!  I thought Mr. S was going to cry on Wednesday morning when it was time to drive to school for the first time.....there was a SNOWSTORM during morning rush!  Long story short...I love it....or will when I figure out all of the new technology!

I planted some wheat is happily sprouting in the front window along side the Holiday Poinsettias!  I hate that they still look too nice to throw away.....but IS February.....maybe I need to hang some hearts on the and call them Valentine Plants!
Anyway.....the wheat grass is a little bit of summer in the house! 

I splurged on some fresh flowers for the house!   Well.....they are from the grocery for $12 I have flowers that will last a couple of weeks.  The mums are already a week old and still look great.  Yesterday I got some Astromeria....another long lasting flower!

Today I am going to do a little Valentine's decorating....the nice thing about blogging...I have a pictorial history of what I have done in the past.....hmmmmm.....maybe I will just totally copy last year's decor!

Since learning that I fit the definition of a SNIPPET....I wonder what mischief I can get into THIS week!

Have a Great Day!

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