Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Instant Spring in Ten Minutes for Ten Dollars!

This is the time to start looking for signs of Spring!

One of the sure signs of Spring is the arrival of the Primose plants at the Home Depot!

 Mr. S and I were there yesterday!

Ah Hah!  There they were.  2/$5

I figured it was worth spending $10 on a little bit of Spring that would last longer than the usual bunch of tulips.

The copper bowl (from Goodwill) was the perfect holder for the four little plants.
It was a simple matter of plopping them in there and adding a bit of Spanish Moss.
Spanish Moss is one of those "little things" that is great to have around to add a nice touch to planters.
Primrose plants need to have the spent flowers picked off to keep them blooming. If I am lucky, I will keep these around until it is warm enough to plant them outdoors....wish me luck!

There you have it.....Ten Minutes.....Ten Dollars.....Instant Spring!
Have you ever wondered about the old saying about being led down the "Primrose Path"?
The primrose path refers to someone living a life of ease and pleasure. Not to be confused with "led up the 'garden path'", which is an idiom suggesting that one is being deceived or led astray.

It would be nice to think that at Sweetwater we live that life of ease....and frolic down the Primrose Path.....but sometimes I think it is more likely that the garden path is our destination!
 Think Happy Spring thoughts is only about 2 weeks away!
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Victoria @DazzleWhileFrazzled said...

Super pretty! I'm a big fan of using alternative "things" to the standard flower pot. It looks very nice and will definitely add Spanish Moss to my gardening list. Visiting from Happiness Is Homemade party.

Sandra Lee said...

Primrose plants and primrose path it is! Happy Sunday!

Grantham Lynn said...

Wow. Love it! So pretty and Springy. And Fabulous. I would love for you to come and link at The Fabulous Party. The link is over here:
Happy Spring

Donna Reidland said...

Your primroses look lovely in the little copper pot! I'm like you, anxious to bring home a little bit of spring. It does look like spring is here in our part of Texas (although we do sometimes have had a cold snap, even late, so I always hold my breath a bit). One of my rose bushes has 3 bright yellow roses on it, a little sign of what's to come. Blessings to you at Sweetwater!

Grantham Lynn said...

Thank you for coming over and sharing your posts at the Fabulous Party. All the posts are pinned on The Fabulous Party board. And now we are ready for a new week. This weeks link is live now. Here's the new linky
Enjoy your week. Happy Spring.