Friday, March 16, 2012

Mowing the Wheat Grass!

All that wheat grass I posted about last time is growing, growing, growing!

Hard to believe that it looks like this after only 5 days!

 And remember the basket that looked like this 5 days ago? grew 3 more inches too and started to flop over....

Time to MOW! mowing the grass!
Mr. S....don't get any ideas!!!
I only MOW with scissors!!!

So I cut off about 4 inches of wheat grass...mmm....the smell was like a summer day!

 Now what to do with the grass clippings?

Remember the VitaMix?
I decided to try making a Green Smoothie!

In typical Sweetwater Style, I didn't use a recipe....I just did it!

Grass in the VitaMix with some orange juice, some green grapes  and a little honey.

That blender has some serious power....I can not imagine that a regular blender would be able to pulverize the grass.

This stuff actually tasted pretty good! 
And as GREEN as it is-- it has to be good for you!

Don't worry....I haven't gone all health food crazy....but I figure drinking a little of this can counteract some of the LESS than healthy things I drink :)

Have a very Green Weekend!  It is gonna be 75 degrees in Minnesota....YIPPEE!

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