Sweetwater Junior (Show your kids!)

In my non-blog life I am a Library Media Specialist in a Spanish Immersion School. 
That means I am SURROUNDED by kids everyday! And you have to know that is soooo much fun!

In that role, I am responsible for maintaining our school website and teaching students how to find and use electronic resources REPSONSIBLY. 

That is where Sweetwater Junior comes in!
Here you will find Kid Safe and Kid Tested internet sites.

I know many of you are trying to limit screen time for your kids.  I get it....but I also know that if you can direct them to sites that actually make them think, read and write....that can't be all bad.
So....stay tuned....and as it says above....SHOW YOUR KIDS!

Check out these links by clicking on the image:

The National Gallery of Art has a KidsZone that provides so many ways to explore art that your kids will get addicted.  It works best using Firefox...in Safari you will have to change a preference setting...just follow the on screen directions. I am not sure how it works with Explorer.
Hoops and YoYo is a fun site where kids can make little cartoon videos with music.  I think of it as a "gateway" to programs like Apple's GarageBand.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself trying it too!
If your older kids like to/or need to hone their vocabulary skills, have them go to FreeRice.  Not only do they have fun, but every click goes to a good cause! For every 10 correct answers, 10 grains of rice are donated through World Food Programme.

Invention at Play is a great place for exploration and play.  Kids can play tinker ball for problem solving or make up cloud shapes and see them in the sky.

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