Saturday, November 15, 2014

Easy Cornucopia!

Cornucopias are the classic Thanksgiving Decor!
I have some nice wicker ones that I have purchased at the thrift store!
For inspiration....I went back to look at the posts about the ones I have made in past years!
You might be interested in seeing those!

I shared some tips for success with arranging as well as a little history of how Cornucopias became a Thanksgiving tradition.

This fancy smancy Cornucopia was done as a Silent Auction donation a couple of years ago!

So....I should have been inspired...Right?
Well....not so much!
This year's version is a lot simpler than usual!
Most of my fall stuff is set all around in other arrangements...
when I got ready to do the Cornucopia...I was too lazy to take them apart!
I scored a whole bunch of dried Hydrangeas from the Sweetwater Daughter's bush!
 They will be great additions to Christmas decor...
In the meantime.....

I just stuck them into the floral nothing!
I just stuck them in and added some raffia for a little fill!
Not Bad!
Now....the question will be whether Marvin will decide to "undecorate" for me!
This took about 10 minutes from start to finish!

You be the judge!

Have A Great Day!
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