Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Flowers For Less-First Steps

A good friend is getting married on August 13th.
She has done me the honor of asking me and another friend to be the "florists" for the event.
 What Fun! 
Friday we met at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market Flower Mart to get the plan under way.
Be sure to check out the link above to see what this fabulous place has to offer.

Come along and see the fun we had creating the vision for the big day!

The Flower Annex is an amazing place, pure joy for someone who loves flowers as much as I do.
Tonia shared her vision of the table decorations, venue layout, brides and bridesmaids bouquets and all of the other incidental flower and decoration needs.
The casual atmosphere was great...allowing us to spend 90 productive minutes getting organized.
Don't you love the matching parkas?  Necessary for the time in the cooler-and VERY fashionable!

I think that using the Flower Market will make the DYI Wedding Flower experience fun, cost effective and relatively stress free. 
We will be able to:
  • Purchase the flowers we want right there at Market Flowers for close to wholesale prices.
  • Bring the containers and supplies that we have or purchase on our own.
  •  Use the warehouse facility to design and arrange the bouquets and corsages-if we need additional flowers, they are right there.
  • Store the arrangements in the temperature controlled cooler at the Market until day of the wedding.
The plans are set.  We have lists.  We know what we will need in addition to the flowers.
On the Thursday before the wedding we will go back to the Market with all our supplies ready to make the bride's vision a reality.
The camera on my Android phone became an instrumental planning tool.  We have photos of colors, prices, and a record of our fun!

We used the CAMSCANNER app on my phone to "scan" the notebook pages with our lists and plans. It was like having a scanner/copier along with us.  I can send PDF files of the notes to everyone....NICE!
Stay tuned for the next steps should be fun!

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